Understanding using The Agile Test Matric

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To begin with, what is automated testing?

To put it in simple terms, it is the automatic simulation of use cases. It follows the same steps as manual testing but the automation speeds it up. The same scripts are run repeatedly that test the working functionality of software modules.

Why automation testing?

  1. It helps reduce the cost involved in testing.

A Story Worth Telling Even Today!

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The prices of tech stocks are surging right now, especially being fueled by the pandemic since the whole world has moved online. But the fact that some massive tech companies like Twitter, Snapchat are still running in losses cannot be ignored. Amid these times, it is being speculated by some…

Do you know why August 15 was chosen as Independence Day?

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As we usher in the 74th Independence Day today, India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. We have come a full circle where once again the theme of a “self-reliant India” has become an imperative.
In this blog, I will discuss some lesser-known facts about India’s independence.

The country with constraints! A country that might have been a topic of discussion for many of your conversations! Well, it sure has been of mine!

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You might be familiar that North Korea also known as the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) under the supreme leadership of Kim Jong-un, has a communist government at the center. And just like a regular feature of any communist government, this country too has a command economy in place…

Exploring how the Tech Giants are dealing with COVID-19

The IT sector is the best performing sector of the S&P 500 excluding dividends in Q1 of 2020. It is followed by the health care sector.

While you might already be familiar with the statistics of how the leading companies are doing in the market, with this blog we will try to look deeper into what factors have led to wide differences in performance within the leading tech giants.

The story of a company dedicated to providing value.

Pinterest: The brand whose mission is to get you OFFLINE so that you can do the things you want to do.

The Great Recession was a period marked by a sharp decline in economic activity, beginning in December 2007 and lasting officially until June 2009 but its hangover lingered long after.

However, this isn’t a story about how debilitating an effect the Great Recession had. It is a story of the…

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